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We are the choir that fits around your life! Our membership style is designed to work with you; no auditions are required before you join and absolutely anyone is welcome to come along and sing! We don't ask you to pay up front for a month, a term, or a year, and we don't charge you a re-joining fee if you haven't been for a few months. You simply pay for each session, as and when you attend. The weekly charge is £5.
There are many excellent choirs in Bristol, catering to a whole range of musical tastes, but if you haven't yet found the one for you, perhaps we can offer you what you're looking for. To find out where and when we meet, visit the Rehearsals page.

We don't hold auditions to join the choir, and you don't have to be able to sing to any particular level - you also don't need to be able to read music. The choir welcomes a whole mixture of members: those who have been in choirs previously, those who have only ever sung in the shower, some who do not read music...all different abilities.

We sing arrangements of pop songs (old and new), themes from musicals, the odd folk-song or well-known classical piece, and popular classics at Christmas. Check out the Music tab to see what's planned for this term.

We will host two concerts a year - one in Summer and one at Christmas time. We will also occasionally take part in charity events. However, if you only want to come and sing weekly, and aren't interested in performing, that's not a problem at all - we'd still love to see you at rehearsals!

If I cannot fly


Stephen Sondheim

Michelle Anthony-Cresswell
Founder and Musical Director

Michelle has been directing community choirs for over 15 years.

Graduating from The University of Reading in 2005 with a BA (Hons) in Music, she founded her first community choir in 2009, the Oxford City Singers, and this was followed by the Edinburgh City Singers in 2013 - now each one of the largest community choirs in their respective areas.

Currently Michelle directs four choirs in Bathnes and Wiltshire: the Bath City Singers, West Wiltshire Singers, Trowbridge Town Singers, and newly-formed Bristol City Singers.
Michelle prides herself on how welcoming and accommodating her choirs are, and also on the wide selection of music that they cover - a rehearsal can take you from Katy Perry to Gustav Holst in just 20 minutes!

Robyn Walkey

Originally from Norfolk, Robyn has recently graduated from Bath Spa University with a first class honours degree in music.  While at uni she took part in the musicals Just So and Urinetown, both as a member of the band and as an accompanist.  She enjoys reading and Netflix, and would love to keep accompanying and playing for as long as possible!